Giver’s Gain Philosophy:

Giver’s Gain is bread and butter in BNI.   It’s ‘The Philosophy’ that keeps us going. Each of our chapter’s members are committed to giving qualified referrals which often turn into juicy paychecks for members.

Been the best chapter in Klang Valley!

Best Green chapter since May 2014

Platinum Chapter - 2010 & 2014

Award for Best Givers Gain Category - 2007

Award for above average chapter - 2006

Our culture:

  • Celebrate All Wins – show appreciation for yourself and others
  • Be available – don’t abandon a teammate in need
  • Be open minded – be willing to accept feedback
  • Be part of the solution
  • Kinship – Once United Always United
  • Be responsible – no lay blame, denial or justification
  • Have clear, direct and honest communications
  • Praise in public, feedback in private
  • Be present – in attendance and attention
  • Be supportive – be willing to stand behind our mission, goals and rules once decided

This magazine featured the celebration, the success and activities of members in BNI KL West, South & Perak region.