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grow your business by referral

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BNI provides a positive, supportive, and structured environment for the development and exchange of quality business referrals.

BNI Core Values

01 Givers Gain®

02 Lifelong Learning

03 Traditions + Innovation

04 Positive Attitude

05 Building Relationships

06 Accountability

07 Recognition

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Changing the Way the World does Business

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Imagine how powerful it could be when you team up with over 85 members of United Chapter from various industries that will provide you with quality and qualified referrals to facilitate your business growth! From qualified potential clients to suppliers and many more, you can have a great resource of people connection, enabling you to venture into bigger markets and even cross-border markets, as BNI is an international platform that connects people worldwide, spanning across 80 countries.

Connect With Business Owners Worldwide

As the world’s largest referral network, last year alone, BNI has passed more than 8.8 million referrals, resulting in over $11.2 billion in business.

Power team for exponential business growth

You can now grow your business exponentially by teaming up with BNI United members of relevant industries that enables you to secure bigger business deals and projects as you can offer a comprehensive solutions to your clients.

Get quality business referrals

Getting sales leads does not means that you are getting quality referrals. When a member give a qualified referral to you, it means that there is a much higher chance of closing a deal or forming a fruitful collaboration for your business growth.


“After joining BNI United, my business has grown exponentially for the past 10 years, and it’s still growing. This is definitely a great networking platform for business owners.”  

Steven Chang,

Renovation & Re-modelling, LPV Construction Sdn Bhd

“Imagine how powerful it can be, if you have more than 80 members who act as your sales team, promoting your business and connecting you to a vast network of customers, suppliers, collaborative partners and the relevant resources to grow your business!” 

Sze Kok Hoong,

E-Reload & Payment Wallet, Toop Marketing Sdn Bhd




meeting H0urs

Every Thursday: 6.30 am – 9.00 am

Registration starts from 6.30 am

Meeting starts at 7.00 am sharp